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Lisa P.


Lisa P.


Capabilities/Leadership Development Practitioner


United States

Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Human Resources


Texas Christian University/University of Tulsa

"Thanks to my Accenture team, I'm able to work my job and care for my family—and that's critical when, like me, you have a child with a chronic health condition."

What I Do

I’ve worked at Accenture for nearly 20 years, helping build skills and talent for the Communications, Media & Technology operating group during the last 13. Today I’m the Capability Development lead for the global Electronics and High Tech team, working with industry leadership to develop capability plans and strategies for both our sales and delivery people.

I’ve worked in Learning and Talent Development for the last 15 years, but have always been amazed and impressed by our people across all of our organizations. I love that my role constantly keeps me challenged and interested, but have to admit that the people I work with motivate me to be the best teammate and Accenture employee that I can be. It’s always the people.

Day in My Life

Because I telecommute, I’m able to send my sons off every morning, even if I’ve already logged in for the day. My typical days are spent facing the invigorating challenges of cultivating talent within my team, and this can mean a whole variety of activities. I’ve spent time blogging, both about work issues and skill-development challenges and about my son and our struggles with CHD. And in the evenings, everyone comes home and we’re a family again.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, I am very focused on my health and fitness and believe that foundation must be there to be successful in most areas of our lives – including work! I also enjoy home improvement and staying in touch with friends.

My family is my passion. My husband and I have three young sons, so we have a busy household! My second son, Grant, was born with complex Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). While keeping him strong and healthy has been a challenge, we’ve rallied as a family, and Accenture has given me flexibility in my role--plus an opportunity to telecommute. That help has been invaluable when I’ve needed so spend extra time managing his health.

Today, my mission is to reach out, to create awareness about CHD, to help other parents who are new to this journey understand how they can get more information, how they need to navigate the challenges they’re facing.

My Advice

I value kindness, caring and compassion. I know what I care about, and that helps me focus in on those things, in my career and in my personal life.

Learn what matters most to you, stand firm on those ideals, and then find ways to make sure you’re building on that, every day, both personally and professionally. Accenture offers a supportive and diverse network of colleagues who are committed to helping you—and ultimately our clients—succeed, both personally and professionally.