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Lina G.


PeopleSoft Security Specialist – Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


B.A. from Wellesley College; Executive IT Management Certification from Columbia University

"I’m a boomerang employee at Accenture, returned to the firm after a six-year stint in higher education industry. I enjoy helping our clients achieve their goals and am proud of the opportunities given to me by Accenture to use my skills to deliver and implement high quality solutions."

What I Do

I am a manager with Accenture Technology, specializing in PeopleSoft security solutions for our clients in the Health & Public Service operating group. I help our clients with the navigation, innovation and implementation of PeopleSoft Security solutions ensuring a high-quality project experience.

My background includes large and mid-size PeopleSoft implementations in the higher education, public and private sectors, including prior Accenture consulting projects when I was first employed at Accenture. I’m proud to be a ‘boomerang’ employee and enjoy bringing my Accenture background and industry experience to client projects.

Day in my Life

Each day at the client is a unique one that presents a different set of challenges and opportunities. Currently, I’m working on a project being implemented in phases, so my responsibilities change depending on the releases. I work with the different teams providing security input and strategy for fit/gap, analyze, design, build, test, and the deployment phases as well as providing security production support for the phases that are already live. I also anticipate the needs of the client and prepare solutions ahead of time to showcase Accenture’s ability to be adaptable.

Outside the Office/My Advice

Outside the Office
I love being outdoors. In particular, I like to bike and participate in water sports like white water rafting. I participate in races for a cause. I was recently on the Accenture teams for the Race for the Cure as well as the MS Bike Race.

My Advice
Build your Accenture network fast and wide!Build your Accenture network fast and wide! It will help you with your current career, as well as future endeavors.

When I left Accenture in 2009, I joined the Accenture Alumni Network as a way to stay in touch with the company and my former colleagues. I invested time in keeping some of my relationships alive, and it really helped enable me when I decided to return to the company.