Leroy Jackson

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Leroy Jackson


North America Testing and Inclusion & Diversity Lead


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Organization & Practice Leadership


MIT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering

I am elated to be back at Accenture and to be continuously surrounded by pools of extremely talented individuals that are also very gifted at working together as a unified team to effectively achieve Accenture’s business objectives.

What I Do

I am responsible for expanding and cultivating Accenture’s testing practice within the North America geography. My role is horizontally focused and thus spans all industries. I work very closely with the other geographic testing leads to ensure the continuity of Accenture’s testing services across the globe.

I also am responsible for driving the inclusion and diversity efforts for Accenture’s Technology business. In this capacity, I focus attention on aligning the North America Technology business to Accenture’s overall objective to strive to achieve greater diversity amongst its workforce through conscientious recruiting, development/advancement, retention, and awareness initiatives.​​

Day in my Life

Throughout a given week, my days consist of striking a balance between generating demand (sales focus) and fulfilling demand (operational focus) within my testing role. On the sales side, this can range from engaging with customers to internally crafting campaigns and fine tuning capabilities that we plan to bring to the market. On the fulfillment side, this involves maintaining a pulse of my team through various operational meetings/reviews and ultimately making sure that we are positioning ourselves to maintain a strong delivery track record. In both cases (sales and operational focus), travel may be involved depending on the nature of the various meetings.

In my inclusion and diversity role, I spend time within the week reviewing and analyzing data that pertains to the demographics of our North America Technology business and tracking the progress and effectiveness of our various initiatives.

In addition​, I dedicate time to counsel and mentor employees both within and outside of my team.​

Outside the Office

I love sports, teaching, and spending time with my family.  Fortunately, I have found an outlet that allows me to combine all of these hobbies --- youth sports.  My son and daughter are actively engaged in competitive sports (football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and the list will probably continue in the future).  Over the years, I have been granted ongoing opportunities to coach and/or assist with their various teams.  It has helped to establish a tremendous bond among my entire family (my wife is the loudest cheerer of us all).  It also has concurrently provided me a venue to keep myself in decent physical shape --- certainly an additive benefit.  What I appreciate most, however, is that wearing the hats of both, father and coach, has granted me a unique opportunity to share in the many highs and lows that accompany sports with my kids and has enabled my kids the ability to conveniently tune into each of these roles to support them through their respective experiences.

My Advice

Your career journey will be influenced just as much by the people you meet as the things you learn. Really… the two should be inseparable. Every encounter allows you to draw to the similarities and learn from the differences that you have with a given person. Your ability to identify what special attributes a person brings to the table and then determine if/how these attributes can positively shape you (and vice versa) will help you forge meaningful, rewarding relationships that will often times extend into the other facets of your life.