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Kevin Richards

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Kevin Richards


Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Security—North America Lead


United States

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Strategy Careers

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Bachelor of Arts, Michigan State University

"Accenture Strategy Security helps our clients better defend themselves from cyber threats and cyber attackers. Our team represents the leading thinking on the business relevance of cybersecurity and cybersecurity risk management."

What I Do

I lead the Accenture Strategy Security team in North America. Our charter is to provide executive business leaders and Boards of Directors the insights and understanding of cybersecurity exposures to their business, and then develop achievable strategies to meet their organizational goals. This is a new and exciting team within Accenture Strategy.

Prior to this role, I led the North America Security Practice within Accenture Operations.

Why Accenture Strategy?

Accenture Strategy operates at the intersection of business and technology; our Security team operates at the “collision” of cyber risk and the business. We provide the business context and organizational relevance to the array of cybersecurity challenges, and develop effective strategies and programs to protect our client’s business. Through our security strategy efforts, we help protect power grids, oil pipelines, trillions of dollars of capital market assets, hundreds of millions of patient records, and more!

My Latest Insights

As an Accenture Leader, I invest my time in developing insights for our clients. I invite you to explore my latest research on security.

Continuous Cyber Attacks: Engaging Business Leaders for the New Normal
Business leaders, amid relentless threats, must recognize vulnerabilities and build resilience.

Intelligent Security: Defending the Digital Business
Cyber security threats are growing more complex and relentless every day. That makes it critical to apply proactive, digitally-adept strategies.

My Advice

Find a career doing something you love. It is great spending everyday doing something that makes you happy!