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Katie K.


Katie K.


Digital Marketing Sr. Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


University of Notre Dame

"With the right attitude, you can learn something valuable from every experience you have during your career at Accenture. Be it travel delays, a new role or a business trip to a city you’ve never visited before, your time at Accenture will help you to grow in ways you likely didn’t anticipate."

What I Do

I recently transferred internally from the Systems Integration practice to Accenture Interactive, where my teammates and I work on projects pertaining to SEO/SEM, display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media strategy and campaigns, and multichannel marketing analytics. I also support Accenture’s partnership with Girls Who Code (GWC) and have been involved in the planning for the 2015 Summer Immersion Program (SIP) in Chicago for 20 high school girls. I’ve been following the GWC organization since it started, so I was really excited to get involved and help out. My little sister was a SIP participant with another one of the companies partnering with GWC in Chicago, so it has been fun to have her around and to see how the program impacts her future.

Day in my Life

I work mostly out of the downtown Chicago office with our digital marketing team. The office environment is great – laid-back, friendly and collaborative with a strong sense of team. I recently wrapped up a Twitter campaign for a client that entailed budget allocation strategy, analytics and campaign monitoring. As part of the project team, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to work with a team at Twitter to learn about how to better optimize content reach.

Outside the Office

I blog and help plan events for a group called Forth Chicago, which focuses on connecting and supporting women entrepreneurs in the city. Like most, I love to travel and recently got back from a trip to Ireland, Salzburg, Berlin and Paris, which was a total blast. I also love the West Wing, can frequently be found trying different coffee shops around the city and am currently training for my first marathon.

My Advice

Accenture is a very large company with lots of opportunities across various industries. If you’re work interests change and you’d like to pursue a different career trajectory, speak up and work to find a group that will be a fit. Also, for those who travel as part of their role, take advantage of the time at the client site and try to get to know the city you’re living in Monday–Thursday. Not every job gives you the opportunity to split time between two cities.