Julie W.


Julie W.


Total Rewards Practitioner


United States

Area of Interest

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Human Resources


Ohio State University/Marietta College

What I Do

I’ve worked at Accenture for 15 years, with the past 9 of them focused on wellness and work/life issues. I’m thrilled to serve as Accenture’s first N.A. Wellness Lead, where I’ve had the opportunity to propel grassroots efforts around wellness and fitness into programs that inspire employees across the United States and Canada, to live healthier, more balanced lives. It’s been invigorating to translate my master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and my personal commitment to fitness, into something that helps everyone here at Accenture be a better person. I helped develop the Accenture Wellness program from the start, and today we have more than 100 wellness champions across the United States and Canada, who help provide a variety of work/life and wellness solutions for their project teams and local offices.

Outside the Office

When I’m not at Accenture, I’m still focused on fitness. I own my own health company and produce fitness videos, motivational videos and clothing. Last year I wrote my first motivational book titled The 7 Life Miracles: Conquer any goal and overcome any obstacle to unlock your dream life. I also launched an app called “The Happy Life”—which is a 30-day challenge tool.

Giving back to the community is also important to me, and I’m proud to be an ambassador for the American Heart Association, doing lectures and promoting healthy living. I’m a Healthy Lifestyle Coach for the Cap City Half Marathon, helping people realize some of their big goals by training them to run various distances, from half marathon to 5K.

I am honored to have been recognized for things that I love doing. In 2010 I was chosen by Fitness magazine as one of its top 10 “Champions of Health and Wellness,” alongside people like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams. BusinessFirst chose me as one of its 40 Under 40 award winners as well. I’ve even had a chance to visit the White House to offer suggestions around work/life options for businesses.

Day In My Life

As you might guess, I always find time to fit in a workout! My days are rarely typical, but most often I start work at my home office, connecting with colleagues on my team and around the world to help continually evolve Accenture’s wellness program offerings. I’m able to find time for my health in the evenings and weekends. No two days are alike, and that’s exactly the way I like it!

My Advice

As a child, I had a congenital heart defect that gave me a death sentence: I was only supposed to live until age 12. I firmly believe that healthy living, and all the positive support given to me by my friends and family, helped me overcome that condition—and I believe those same things can help everyone. My advice is to live a healthy life. Pursue projects and work activities that you love, and find time outside of your Accenture job for your own personal wellness. Surround yourself with people who offer positive support. It will make a difference—I promise you!