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Julie D.

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Julie D.


Business Interlock Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Business Process Specialization


B.A., Communication Studies, Human Relations
"The professional world is constantly changing. Be agile!"

About Me

What I Do
I am a Business Interlock Manager specializing in Talent Management. In this role, I collaborate with clients to align their talent strategy to their business strategy. By helping clients optimize their talent and learning functions, we help ensure they have the right talent at the right place at the right time and can deliver bottom line results: reduced learning and HR costs, improved workforce performance, and improve business results.

Day In My Life
Our clients often tell us that the #1 business challenge they face today is finding, developing and retaining talent. That’s where I help, working with clients—either internally or externally—to understand where their business is going and what talent strategy they need to support that work. I help them answer questions like: Do we build talent (training)? Buy talent (recruiting)? Borrow talent (talent mobility)? Rent talent (contractors)? I help the client articulate their talent challenges and goals, and help them create and execute a plan.

The tasks vary from day to day and client to client. I may focus on recruiting and identifying new talent pools; revamping a new hire program to increase speed to competency; help a client develop a new curriculum for an acquired workforce; or help a corporate university run more efficiently. It’s always something new. That’s what makes it so interesting and fun!

Outside the Office
Traveling and spending time with family. Hiking, gardening and yoga. Spending time with my new cute twin nephews!

My Advice
Play to your strengths. Create your brand around your strengths and what you enjoy doing. Make sure that adds value for the business. Also, look where your industry is going. Get out ahead of that. Don’t wait for development opportunities to come to you. Create your own. Make an effort to learn and connect every day.