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Joseph W.


Joseph W.


Sales Origination Senior Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

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PhD, Public Policy, George Washington University

About Me

My Military Background
I served a total of 30 years in the U.S. Air Force. After my initial retirement, I was called back to serve. I was originally certified in the acquisition career field managing aircraft development programs and information technologies including my favorite “rebel” programs, FalconView and Patriot Excalibur. I was an instructor in the English Department at the Air Force Academy and served in a number of staff positions for HQ Air Force culminating in a tour of duty as liaison between the Air Force and the U.S. Congress.

There are several things throughout my military career that I am particularly proud. For example, in the 18 months after 9/11, I traveled to 32 countries representing United States’ congressional delegations on airport and port security, banking laws affecting potential terrorist organizations, supporting the NATO alliance and maintaining relationships with allied Muslim countries. Also, the information technologies that I had a hand in developing, such as the Portable Flight Planning System and FalconView, have been part of every military air operation in the past 20 years.

What I Do Now
I joined Accenture as part of a company acquisition , (a small business I joined in January 2007 after retiring from the Air Force.

I’m in a predominately a sales role, creating new business by building relationships between Accenture and the Air Force). There are two major benefits in the business relationship and Accenture highlights both: strong returns for the company by solving the hard problems for the Air Force.

How Military Experience Prepares
My Air Force career was wide ranging and the experience and discipline links to the breadth and depth of Accenture’s product offerings and solutions. The Air Force gave me the technical framework and the management skills I needed to make a success of this role.

My Advice
I tell folks I’ve mentored during their transition from military service to: use their network. Lots of us have gone before you into the commercial workforce. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different than what you’re currently doing in the military. And, don’t sell yourself short, the marketplace needs your skills and they’re valuable.

Outside the Office
I have a myriad of hobbies and interests beginning with three teenagers in competitive sports programs. I play recreational adult soccer, play guitar with a variety of musicians from age 18 to 60 and I’m also busy building a barn.