Jessica Smith


Jessica Smith


Consultant, Accenture Strategy, Communications, Media and Technology


United States

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

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MBA from Wharton

About Me

Passionate, Driven, Excitable #aboutme

I get to think through strategic problems that are facing our clients in the telecom and media industry on a day to day basis. No one knows precisely where the industry is going, but I love being part of the team that’s trying to figure it out. #whyAccentureStrategy

Our team was asked to go head to head with an internal client team conducting data analysis. Turns out we understood their data and systems better than they did. It was fun to be part of a friendly competition with the client and win. #lovemywork

Despite the hierarchy, there is always opportunity for you to do more and take on more responsibility once you’re up for it. I’ve never felt constrained by my title for the work I perform for the client. #bestpeople

Based on this loose hierarchy, you’re constantly pushed to do more once you’re ready for it. It’s rare to feel “comfortable” in your role, which is a great thing for overall development. #alwayslearning

Outside work I like seeing live music, playing ukulele, discovering new IPAs #unplugged