Jessica H.


Jessica H.


Global Director, Business Development


United States

Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area

Product, Service & Offering Development


Bachelors of Communications, Purdue University; MBA in Media Management, Metropolitan College of New York
"I have found Accenture to be the most conscientious and thoughtful place of employment, as it relates to inclusion and diversity."

What I Do

As the Global Director of Business Development, I support all go-to-market sales functions and operations, as well as support content strategy engagements within our Accenture Interactive Global Content Services team, part of Accenture Digital. I support global sales and business development across our entire content services offering, specifically focused on North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Day in my Life

There is no typical day in the life for me! Primarily for my role, I support conference calls and meetings around new opportunities, both internally and with clients. From there, I work with our broader sales and business development team, to determine if these opportunities are the right fit for our global content services offering, assign resources to support the opportunity pursuit and ensure the opportunity team has the right support to be successful. In addition to supporting and overseeing opportunity management, I oftentimes provide onboarding for new hires to our team, provide ongoing training for our broader team, and support special initiatives contributing to the development of new capabilities and thought-leadership.

Outside the Office

I enjoy spending time with my family, catching up on my favorite television shows, and working on my creative writing projects.

My Advice

Always believe in yourself, because you know your desires best and can be the only true compass of where you should be heading. accenture digital, employee profiles, jessica hartley

As you consider a career with Accenture, I would comment that I have found Accenture to be the most conscientious and thoughtful place of employment, as it relates to inclusion and diversity. From the Employee Resource Groups, to special Inclusion & Diversity initiatives, to the newly updated maternity leave policy, this focus allows me to feel welcome and know that Accenture can be my home for many years to come.