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Horace T.


Horace T.


Managing Director


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


University of Michigan BSE Chemical Engineering

"The one thing I can truly say about Accenture is that I’ve never had a “typical” day as each day presents its own set of challenges."

What I Do

I am a Technical Architect aligned to our Resources Industry group, which serves companies aligned to the Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources, and Utilities sectors. In this role, I provide overall technology architecture guidance as our clients undertake the design, build, and implementation of major systems within their enterprise. This can include multiple areas, including infrastructure, networking, security, and all of the “ilities” (i.e. scalability, adaptability, usability, among others). In my 14-year career, I have been involved in many different technology implementations including eCommerce and Web redesigns, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Field Force Enablement (i.e. Mobile), and Utility Grid Management systems.

Day in my Life

The one thing I can truly say about Accenture is that I’ve never had a “typical” day as each day presents its own set of challenges. In general, I’d say that my day is divided among four categories:
  • Client Initiatives – This includes any activities required to ensure overall delivery to our clients. This could involve meetings, research, or deliverable creation with the express intent of final delivery of our client solutions.

  • Accenture Team Matters – Teamwork is critical to Accenture’s success, so I spend a fair amount of time ensuring that my client Accenture team has everything that they need to perform optimally.

  • Accenture Internal Activities – In addition to our client work, we are all expected to be active in our respective groups within Accenture. I spend time working on initiatives in the Technology space, my specific group, and in diversity.

  • “Get Smart” Time – Staying sharp and understanding the major moves and technology in the industry are crucial, so I attempt to ensure I’m staying abreast of the overall moves in my space by reading and training as much as possible.

Outside the Office/Work

My spiritual life is very important to me. So when outside of the office, I always ensure I’m spending adequate time reading and studying my Bible as well as being active in activities within my church. I also place family very high on my priority list. So I attempt to spend as much time as possible with my wife and daughter doing a variety of things including listening to / playing music, working on household projects, cooking (although I’m not very good), and enjoying the outdoors when possible.

My Advice

Those considering a career with Accenture should prepare to be as flexible as they can in all that they do, and also should be willing to try new things that they may not have initially planned. Given the nature of our work and our clients’ requests and expectations, we often have to be very willing to change and adapt on a moment’s notice to ensure that we’re delivering the appropriate solutions at the appropriate level of quality.
Many places state that they are global in nature; however, Accenture truly lives it day in and day out. Diversity is so much larger than race as it also includes dimensions such as culture, experiences, thoughts and ideas, delivery patterns, and overall social styles. As such, there’s not a day that goes on where I’m not interacting with someone who is different from what I am in some way, and as such I’m always exposed to new ideas as well as incorporating new traits into my unique personal style.

In addition to this, Accenture allows me to be very involved in both local and national diversity initiatives. I am currently the lead Diversity recruiter at the University of Michigan, where I am specifically focused on the identification and retention of new diverse talent via relationship creation with on-campus diverse organizations. In addition to this, I have served on the Accenture national recruiting teams for both the SHPE and NSBE National Conventions.