Hamid Ettefagh

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Hamid Ettefagh


Digital Technology Developer Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


The Ohio State University, B.S. Computer Engineering
"Working with likeminded, tech-savvy people with good attitudes, who are thirsty to innovate and apply technology to revolutionize industries is what makes the people at Accenture the leaders in digital technologies. Did I mention we have some of the best coders?"


I am a Digital Technology Developer Manager in Accenture’s SAP Hybris practice where I specialize in the design, implementation, and delivery of SAP Hybris Omni-channel solutions. On my current assignment I am the Hybris development manager leading a team of over 20 developers for a fortune 100 company.


It’s hard to define a day in the life for me, because every day brings new challenges and problems to solve. The most rewarding part of being part of the SAP Hybris practice is watching people utilize what we have built. I enjoy traveling every week to my client’s locations, understanding and resolving their problems. The Accenture team here has great synergy and we challenge each other on a daily basis, that same synergy rolls over in leading an active lifestyle outside the office. There is never a dull moment on the SAP Hybris team.

Outside the Office

I love watching my Buckeyes play football, and I make sure to attend at least one game a year at The Shoe. I enjoy mentoring today’s youth in computer science and programming to show them the endless possibilities and opportunities in technology.

I am also passionate about traveling to other countries, taste testing foods from other cultures, and an avid sports fan.


Building strong relationships with the people in your life (family, friends, and colleagues) is key in having a successful career and healthy life. If you started off as an introvert like me, start working on this today!