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Greg G.


Greg G.


Program/Project Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


BA Business & MS Management Information Systems & Masters Business Administration

My Military Background

I am a former Marine. In the Marine Corps, I did a variety of things from infantry to radio operator and small computer specialist. I spent most of my active duty time in Quantico but also deployed to Iraq in 2003.

At Quantico, I worked in a manpower management organization, where I was in charge of website development and database transactions involved with filling officer billets around the world. The website we developed was the first in the Marine Corps to enable online manpower management transactions.

In Iraq, I performed two duties. At night, I was a security patrol at the perimeter of a naval hospital unit. During the day, I installed and managed the computer network responsible for hospital communications to the United States.

What I Do Now

​​I'm currently leading a development and support team for an internal website application used extensively by our Internal IT Organization. This website showcases multiple IT operational and performance based reports using modern visual analytics tools combined with digitized content. My team consists of people from Argentina, Spain, India, and the Philippines. In the past year, we have successfully deployed two major versions of our website while simultaneously eliminating multiple redundant reporting efforts throughout the organization. Going forward, my team will be responsible for helping to drive our organization's digital agenda as we look to streamline the proliferation of data into meaningful and actionable visual tools. Working in an 8,000+ person organization responsible for the IT services of a 350,000+ person company is not easy – but it keeps my career interesting!

In addition to my main role I have other small projects that I work on throughout the year; for example: I produce the Internal IT organization's annual benchmarking report (comparing our performance to our leading competitors). I also help coordinate my organizations Product Cost Report that manages our internal costs to deliver IT services to the rest of Accenture.

My day involves a lot of communications and a lot of teamwork. I need to interact with people from all over the world to collect information, monitor data accuracy, and deliver results on time. In a business operations role, I need to understand the organization's mission and the various teams that drive towards that mission. Along with interacting with a lot of people, I need to be constantly learning and researching new technologies and evaluating whether or not we could [or should] use them within our team.

How Military Experience Prepares

I’m a big believer in working for a company that places a high emphasis on core values. Learning and understanding core values in the Marine Corps were essential to preparing me to work at Accenture. In the Marine Corps I learned integrity, stewardship, and respect for the individual, which are just a few of the core values Accenture represents.

In a large global company like Accenture, there are going to be many different types of people with many different backgrounds, skills, and cultures. Accenture’s core values are really what bind the different types of people together help to create an internal culture and work ethic that promotes a common purpose. I’ve found that both the Marine Corps and Accenture have very deep and strong cultures; the two cultures are vastly different, but by understanding and living by the basic core values, you can transition from one culture to the other a lot easier.

My Advice

My biggest piece of advice is to keep an open mind with respect to different types of roles and responsibilities. Accenture is a large organization, and there are a lot of opportunities to do different things. Your job title and responsibilities will likely change multiple times over your career here.

My other advice is to get involved in the local community. Accenture sponsors a lot of local charity organizations and events; volunteering to help with these events is a great way to meet people.

Outside the Office

I compete as a drug-free bodybuilder in shows and around Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio. My other hobbies include riding a standup jet-ski and cyclocross (cross country bike race). I’ve always been athletic and as I get older I’m trying very hard to maintain active athletic-oriented activities. I also have a German shepherd that I spend time training and with which I enjoy exploring the local area.