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Ernie Stevens

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Ernie Stevens


Senior Manager


Metro DC, United States

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Bachelors of Science, Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech
"I’ve been very fortunate at Accenture to develop my career to get a variety of opportunities. Throughout my rise from Consultant to Senior Manager, I’ve taken on many different roles that serves our clients and mentors our people."


I currently have 2 main roles in Accenture Federal Services. I serve as the Management Consulting Account Lead and the Location Lead for our Washington DC office. My role has me overseeing all of our management consulting delivery work and our growth and strategy for the account. As the Location Lead, I oversee the development program for both LLP and AFS Analysts and Consultants.​​


I’m engaged with our clients to ensure delivery excellence and value driven teams, as well as internally with our account leadership looking for innovation and ways to approach our clients with the latest technologies and insights to help achieve their mission objectives.

As the Location Lead, I oversee the MC Analysts and Consulting groups’ development as MC professionals through frequent interactions and our action team activities.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I am an avid golfer. I play in a yearly Pro-am that is always a great time and I get to meet some great golfers. When I’m not serving our clients or enjoying the golf course, I like to spend time with my wife and 2 kids playing games, outdoor activities, and coaching my son’s baseball team.​

I enjoy traveling to new and exciting places. Every year, I travel to Europe with my wife and 2 kids to visit family and we always schedule a trip to a new and exciting destination.


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