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Elizabeth Rowe

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Elizabeth Rowe


Security Consultant


United States

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area



M.S., International Relations

"My Accenture team is like my family, so when I go to work, it’s like going home!"

What I Do

As part of Accenture Strategy Security, I help clients identify risk areas within their organization, and develop security strategies and solutions that will enable them to better protect internal and client data. My specific area of focus is on cyber security, completing risk assessments and developing program enhancements and strategy. I’m positioned to work for clients across all industries, which will allow me to continue growing my business and industry expertise.

I recently joined the Accenture Strategy Security practice, after focusing on more technical implementation work within Accenture Operations. This transition has allowed me to combine my security specialization and strategic consulting experience to look holistically at our clients’ business. It’s rewarding to deliver insights that can help protect their entire organization, knowing they are anchored by Accenture’s deep technical knowledge and resources to actually implement the solution.

Day in my Life

I typically work full-time on client site and one day a week remotely. When on client site, my team and I might talk with clients about their security concerns and work on solutions for them. I spend a lot of time on PowerPoint and Excel, building deliverables. I also meet regularly with my team, either in person, or via Skype, to talk about our projects and goals, or to discuss my career and professional growth.

Outside the Office

My hobbies outside of work are working out, cooking, traveling, volunteering, home projects, enjoying my home city of DC, and spending time with my son.

My Advice

My best advice is to spend time researching the biggest needs within your chosen industry. Once you know what employers – or your current company – need most, you can work on developing your skillset to be able to fulfill those needs.