Edouard L.


Edouard L.


Life Sciences Manager


United States

Area of Interest

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Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


MSc. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, AgroParisTech (France)
"Working in life sciences is really exciting because we're impacting everybody's lives every day."

What I Do

As a management consultant within the Life Sciences industry, I help our pharmaceutical clients improve their relationships with their partners and clients (payers, prescribers and patients). This is done through process improvement and innovative projects involving multiple stakeholders within the company for their Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs and Market Access departments. I’ve implemented a range of national, European and global transformation programs for world-class pharmaceutical companies. When I was based in France, I worked for one of our clients in Switzerland and it was through the relationships built with the Accenture team abroad and their sponsorship that enabled me to transfer to the US.

Day in my Life

No 2 days alike. Constant juggling between project deliverables, account planning and support, internal projects (US based or global) and business development / SME roles in key areas (Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement, Oncology) where I can provide value to my colleagues.

As part of the West Coast, days start often quite early to synch up with our East Coast / European colleagues.

I am often at my clients or at home rather than at the San Francisco office. As my leadership is located in LA and Washington DC, the use of our tools and computer allows us to connect from anywhere and everywhere.

Outside the Office

I love the outdoors and walking / biking with my wife, daughter and dog.

I was heavily involved in Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship activities in France, and have been excited to see the company’s commitment, a truly global one, when moving to the States.

Personal hobbies include martial arts, following healthcare / medical progress and politics.

My Advice

Build your network as soon and as intently as possible.

Be honest and genuine in all your interactions.

Understand what interests you and connect with similar minded people as well as those who work in these areas to improve your ability to work on projects of interest.