Derek D.


Derek D.


Business Advisory Senior Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area



Leavey School of Business, MBA 2001

What I Do

I use supply chain analytics and industry expertise to advise our clients and our Business Process Outsourcing delivery teams how best to make quantifiable impacts to the bottom-line.

Day In My Life

Some days are filled with video or conference calls with my Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing colleagues and clients around the world to guide how Accenture uses its Analytics, Social, Automation, and Digitization agenda in Supply Chain to the benefit of our clients. Other days, I am at a client site directly discussing their supply chain aspirations and how Accenture can partner with them to help them achieve these objectives.

Outside the Office

Reducing my 4.5 mile running timing around Townlake Austin; Hiking our National Parks; Eating at Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives; Soccer; Enjoying my son grow up.​

My Advice

I find that our clients already notionally understand their challenges, but have a multitude of agendas that consume their time and resources preventing them from being able to tackle the whole lot. A partnership with Accenture brings tools, analytics, industry experience, and resources to resolve these challenges in the most pragmatic fashion.