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Dayna C.


Dayna C.


Management Consulting Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering, Duke University, Masters of Engineering Management

"Accenture is like home. I interned here for two summers during my undergrad and started full-time right after finishing graduate school. What keeps me here is definitely the people! I meet such diverse, smart and interesting people on each project and at every social event that I attend. There’s always something new to learn or discuss with coworkers."

What I Do

I am currently a business analyst working on a project for a mortgage credit provider. My past roles at Accenture have included working as a workforce management analyst for a project with a large insurance company, as well as a business analyst for project with a top 10 commercial banking group. Each role has provided me with fun challenges, a variety of skills, and also has given me different ideas as to where I see myself going within Accenture. 

Day in my Life

Each day certainly depends on what project I am on. A few mornings out of the week I try to get in a work out before heading to the client site. Depending on where I’m located I like to try different activities. When I arrive at the client site, I usually catch up on emails and create a to-do list as to what I need to get accomplished for the day. Everything after this really depends on the day, which can consist of team huddles, client working sessions, Accenture-sponsored learning series, or individual tasks such as preparing client presentations or leading meetings with the team and client. Since I travel for my projects and am away from home during the week, I usually spend my evenings having dinner with friends/coworkers who are in the same city, venturing out to explore my surroundings or attending a team outing— a baseball game, team dinner, driving range, or potluck.

Outside the Office

Even before traveling for work every week, I had the travel bug, so seeing new places for leisure is a must for me. I also enjoy mentoring — especially young girls and minorities who are interested in STEM fields. Spending time with family and friends is always enjoyable too. When I need some time to myself, reading a new novel, watching/re-watching a movie, or listening to new music is the perfect way for me to recharge. 

My Advice

I think it’s important to be willing to learn new things. I know that I don’t know everything, so I never enter a project expecting to. Rather, I expect to learn something every day that will advance my professional development. Also, having the ability to be comfortable with change is something I think anyone joining Accenture should possess. In this line of work, nothing is constant. What I am doing in January could be completely different than what I am doing in June. This is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy consulting so much!