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Dave W.


Dave W.


Geographic Area Finance Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area



B.S. Accounting – University of Illinois

About Me

What I Do
I operate as the US Geographic SPOC (single point of contact) in a decision support role for the US and North America as an Accenture business. I also manage our North America Human Resources, US Travel & Events, Global GS Travel, US Geographic Marketing, and US GS Country Managing Director budgets.

Day In My Life
Depending on the day, I may be reconciling and analyzing one of my budgets to ensure we are meeting our corporate targets, or responding to any number of ad hoc requests I get for putting together materials on our North American business. These requests range from analyzing revenue or payroll trends to creating materials for Finance discussions with the North American Leadership Team. One could say that Microsoft Excel, SAP, and I form a triad of Accenture financial wisdom.

Outside the Office
I’m a very busy father for my two sons (4 and 1), but I also enjoy baseball, basketball, and knocking things off my “Daddy Do List.”

My Advice
Don’t just mindlessly complete a deliverable because “that’s how it’s always been done”. Really try to understand the complete process flow and all the impacts of everything you do, to determine if there’s a better way to do it, or some value you can add that will benefit someone else further along in the process. There’s always a better way!