Daniel M.


Daniel M.


Senior Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area



EE, CS: University of Virginia

What I Do

As a senior manager with Accenture Security Offering Development, I help enable our delivery teams to protect clients against threats, minimize risks and enable the adoption of new technologies like cloud and mobility through the implementation of proactive cyber defenses. On any given project, I may draw upon my experience in information security, identity and access management, risk assessment, government security, biometrics, smartcards, cloud and mobility to deliver the right solution to meet the client’s specific requirements. I’m currently working on several Cloud Security projects helping our Digital Government and Healthcare clients protect their data in the cloud.

I fight the good fight. I try to do what is right. Acting for what is best for my clients, for Accenture, for my community and I’m proud to be a part of a company committed to the same values I have in my personal life.

Day in my Life

As someone in a virtual, global role, I work from home the majority of the time and structure my day so I can connect with my team dispersed throughout the globe. A typical day may begin with a 6:30am conference call with my team in India for updates on project progress; followed by video sessions with my team in Prague; paused to enjoy breakfast with my family; continued work on deliverables and US-based calls throughout the day; and closed with a collaborative discussion with colleagues in Sydney to get their day started on the right track. The flexibility afforded from no commute and working out of the house is very much counterbalanced by the opportunity and knowledge that folks have that you are nearly always connected when home.

Throughout the day, I also focus on developing our people—because they are the lifeblood of our company and our future. I work hard to keep my team’s momentum and motivation, ensure we are doing what is best for our clients.

Outside the Office/Work

I work hard, I play hard, I pray hard. Spending time with my beautiful wife, energetic son, newborn daughter and smelly Boston Terrier is a priority for me. I enjoy fishing from a kayak and playing men’s league soccer when time permits. Accenture taught me time management and multi-tasking—and it’s often put to the test with my growing family!

My Advice
Differentiate yourself. Find and keep your edge. When things change, as they always do, reflect, reorient and redefine. Differentiate yourself.

We epitomize diversity day in and day out. One of my delivery teams that had over 10 folks only had 2 that were born in the same country and only 2 in the same time zone – and it wasn’t the 2 with the same birthplace!