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Dan R.


Dan R.


Senior Principal


United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting



My Military Background

I retired as a Gunnery Sergeant from the U.S. Marines in 1994. For the largest part of my career I worked in a unit providing force multiplication capabilities to friendly foreign governments. I was liaison at the infantry company level for units such as:

  • Korps Mariner (Netherlands)

  • 3 Commando Brigade (United Kingdom)

  • 1 Brigade North (Norway)

  • 2ème Régiment Étranger de Parachutistes (French Foreign Legion)

  • Infanteríia de Marina (Spain)

  • 7th Panzergrenideren (Germany)

  • 40 Commando Royal Marines (United Kingdom)

  • San Marcos Tactical Group (Italy)

  • Le 8ème Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (France)

  • 82d Airborne (US)

  • 2/75th Ranger Infantry (US)

  • Army of the Sultanate of Oman

One of my proudest achievements is that every marine who served with me came home. Also, I was given the opportunity to live and work with an amazingly diverse and exceptionally capable group of people.

What I Do Now

I joined Accenture in June 2006 and work as a Senior Principal in Learning and Collaboration. I enjoy identifying the business requirements the client needs to enhance and align the tools, processes and people to help deliver learning and collaboration products that will enable success.

How Military Experience Prepares
My military experience was a continuation of my early life experience: work hard, live and act with integrity and it is about more than just you.

My Advice

Let’s use baseball as an analogy. Accept a simple principle: You are an excellent baseball player and you should be proud of that success. But remember, when you stand in the center of a football field there are some similarities between the two arenas, but the differences are significant. Be prepared to learn, maybe ride the bench as you watch others, gather new experiences and remember that it is about what is happening in front of you, not behind you. A great work ethic, showing up ready, owning up to misses and learning from your mistakes are as important in a meeting with the client as it was in any of your past endeavors.

Outside the Office
My pastimes include fly fishing, off-roading and of course spending time with my family.