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Chau D.

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Chau D.


R&D Associate Principal


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area



Physics Masters

"Challenge yourself. Push yourself to be uncomfortable. Always strive to be on projects which you get to learn. Don’t forget to have fun."

What I Do

I'm an R&D Associate Principal at the Accenture Labs, within the Digital Experience team. I’m the experience designer for the Digital Customer Strategic Innovation Initiative. I create and explore new technologies and challenge clients to push the limits of what’s technologically possible for their business. My work includes producing assets such as POVs, patents, and pilots.

Day in my Life

Every day is different. Sometimes I’m presenting to clients. Sometimes we’re brainstorming new solutions to a client problem. Sometimes we’re heads down and learning a new technology.

About Me

Outside the Office

I like to hike, paint murals and read quotes.I am also proud to serve on the American Cancer Society's Board of Directors.

My Advice

Make sure whatever you spend eight hours a day doing, you learn something.