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Brittni P.


Brittni P.


Strategy Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area

Functional Strategy


BBA, University of Wisconsin – Madison

"From the beginning, I have always said it is the people that make Accenture a great place to work. To this day, I still believe that I am right."

What I Do

As a strategy analyst, there are many possible projects with which I could be involved. My recent projects have focused on operating model redesign, value optimization and go-to market strategy. While there is a great diversity in the type of work, all projects tend to look for similar skill sets including critical thinking, problem solving, basic quantitative analysis and a solid understanding of Microsoft Office applications. My current project is a staffing model redesign as a component of a larger claims operating model redesign.

Day in my Life

From my experience, most strategy analysts—like me—tend to travel. The typical schedule would be to head to an early morning flight on Monday and to return home on Thursdays. I am currently on a project within driving distance, so I drive down Monday mornings and drive back to Chicago on Thursday afternoons.

A typical day on the project involves heading to a morning sync-up with a small Accenture team, and then spending the day working directly with clients and on deliverables. At the end of the day, we often have a team dinner or dinner with the client. I try to wrap up the day by heading to the gym or outside for a run. I may check last-minute emails/work on deliverables before heading to bed.

Outside the Office

Most weekends I enjoy exploring the great city of Chicago with good friends, many of whom I've met through Accenture! I love traveling and exploring new cities, so I make it a priority to go somewhere new every year. Thus far, I’ve explored much of Western Europe and the United States in addition to South Africa, Guatemala and Mexico. I’m hoping to make it to South America sometime soon! I’ve always been a runner, so it’s a great hobby to take with me anywhere I happen to be.

My Advice
Explore and seek to understand what you are passionate about, then make a plan to incorporate those passions into your everyday life.