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Brittany G.


Strategy Analyst


United States

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Strategy Careers

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Functional Strategy


Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Finance)
"In under a year I learned that I am the navigator of my own career, and I can gain as many skills and experiences as I would like in any industry or function no matter my tenure. That’s Accenture Strategy!"

What I Do

I am a strategy analyst who works on large consumer goods and services projects in the zero based budgeting area as well as the enterprise performance management space in finance. I have saved millions for our clients through my projects, and I teach executives what drives their business. I am also involved with recruiting for Accenture at Northwestern and the University of Chicago because I love to share my experience.

Day in my Life

I love when people ask about a day in the life because every day is different! People not in consulting think I live in a suitcase and fly all the time (which is partially true), but it is so much more than that. I tackle Fortune 100 business problems every day through collaboration with teams and clients. This enables you to have mentorships with your colleagues and senior leadership, learn from clients and gain new skills every day.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I am actively involved with the NAACP ACT-SO youth program where I am the alumni club coordinator. I play basketball and box in my spare time and with an Accenture team. I’ve become really good friends with my colleagues and enjoy traveling, going out and spending my free time with them. I also volunteer to speak at schools and teach kids about resume writing, public speaking, budgeting and finding their passion.

My Advice

I am a big believer in the law of reciprocity and paying it forward. Whatever you do and wherever you go, lift someone else up! You never know what opportunities you can provide to someone else.