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Bob M.


Bob M.




United States

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Functional Strategy


Duke University / University of Florida

"Working at Accenture offers plenty of opportunities to ride the waves."

What I Do

I was an experienced hire when I joined the Communications, Media & Technology operating group in 2010. Since coming on board I’ve worked mostly in telecom on projects of all sorts, from technology acceleration assessment and execution to merger integration planning. In previous roles I’ve worked in Aerospace and Defense, doing project management, system optimization, financial strategy, and even product development and marketing.

I’m always up for a challenge, ready to dig in and solve complex problems for our clients across all kinds of companies and industries.

Day in my Life

Most of the time I’m at one client site or another, helping clients with their big challenges, looking for ways to help them save time, or save money, or exponentially increase their efficiency. It is challenging but extremely rewarding.

At Accenture, it truly is a “work hard play hard” environment. When I am on the road at the client site there is not a whole of lot surfing happening—my only surfing is on the web back at the hotel! However, the points and miles I accumulate while traveling to my clients have made some of my adventures possible. I make sure to keep active at least three times week by swimming, biking, etc. That way, when it’s time to “play hard” I don’t miss out on a minute of water time.

Outside the Office/Work

When I’m not helping a client ride the wave of innovation, I’m either surfing or traveling to the next break. Surfing has taken me all over the world—I’ve been lucky enough to get to many U.S. destinations, like Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, California and, of course, Hawaii. But I’ve also ridden waves in Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Australia.

Surfing has brought a lot into my life. It’s given me a way to connect with my awesome nieces and nephew, all of whom can surf reasonably well because I’ve taught them! Surfing gives me a connection with them, a great chance to spend some quality time with family.

Thanks to Day at the Beach Foundation, I’m also able to help underprivileged kids in the San Diego area. We spend time teaching them to surf, but it’s really about enjoying the sand and the sun with these kids, showing them that life can be a lot of fun.

My Advice

For those considering Accenture, my best advice would be research the company before applying. Read up on the latest news, research websites, blogs and articles Accenture is listed in. Also make sure to talk to people that are in the industry, everyone that works at Accenture will have a different experience, so the more people you talk to, the more perspective of the role and company you will get.