Benjamin P.


Benjamin P.


Technology Consulting Sr. Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

"Accenture has a global environment where location is not an obstacle due to our highly collaborative teams. There are many resources, including colleagues that you can leverage to enhance your career and improve the quality of your daily work."

What I Do

In my two years with Accenture, I have been working as a web services developer, supporting the design and development of interfaces that manage transactions between government agencies in the Health and Public Services industry. The development work includes creating web service transactions managed through a service bus, and keeping them compliant with an established message contract. 

Most recently, I have been working as a tester for a mobile app, making sure all of the latest features, and the services retrieving the data used in the app, are ready for end users. The app allows Accenture sales leads to search and collaborate (via voice call, email and instant messaging) so they can leverage the ideal subject matter expert to help with a potential client’s need.

I am also the Chicago communications lead for the Hispanic American Employee Resource Group. I am responsible for keeping all of our members active, connected and up to date with our local and national events.

Day in my Life

On an agile-based development project, the team conducts daily reviews of major updates and roadblocks to testing or development. I work closely with our offshore development team to review any high-priority defects. I also work with our database administrator to validate that the weekly changes to the mobile app’s search results get reflected in the front end of the app.

Outside the Office

Outside of work, I love to play tennis whenever I get a chance or hang out at the beach or lakefront on a hot day. I enjoy taking the occasional short weekend road trip to a nearby city such as Milwaukee, St. Louis or Indianapolis. I also like to go out with friends and family to new restaurants and bars.

My Advice

Be curious and don’t be afraid to take ownership of a challenging project. The important thing is how you use what’s at hand, including colleagues who have worked on similar projects, to help you create value through working smart.