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Alexandra Destin


Alexandra Destin


Business Strategy Manager


United States

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area



MBA from Wharton

About Me

Creative, outgoing, and determined.#aboutme

There are interesting clients, endless opportunities. #whyAccentureStrategy

I helped developed a business case for a client in an industry under disruption. It was interesting determining how to incorporate industry dynamics in the inputs and assumptions associated with the business case. #lovemywork

Accenture fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing is considered important. People apply a "pay it forward" philosophy at the firm. #bestpeople

One of the stretch opportunities I have had since joining Accenture is to assist in the firm's growth by helping developing a new offering. This opportunity was a stretch experience because I had to consider how to market the offering to clients, develop a community of practitioners for the offering, and cultivate new clientele. #alwayslearning

Outside work I enjoy reading, shopping for vintage decor. #unplugged