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Adrien K.


Senior Manager


United States

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Consulting Careers

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Management Consulting


Master in Business Administration
"Working at Accenture has been a fantastic experience – it helps you to develop yourself each and every day, to learn and to pass on your knowledge to your teams while really making an impact for our clients. The best part is the interaction you have every day with the people around you in a truly connected global company."

What I Do

As Senior Manager in our New York office, I continue to serve mainly our Financial Services clients around the topics of Customer, Marketing & Digital Strategy as well as Sales Force Effectiveness and Distribution Strategy and Transformation. Next to this I am also leading different Business Development efforts for our Accenture Distribution and Marketing Business Service in North America.

Day in my Life

No day is like the other, another part of the role that I really like. Here is a summary of what some days look like:

7:30 am > Review of emails received over night (from my global counterparts)

8:00 am > Call with a project in Europe (always great to exchange with colleagues on the other side of the world)

9:00 am > Bi-weekly Banking Client Services Group call, where all “stakeholders” join to exchange on latest developments (this can be a certain new offering, client campaign or financial results)

10:00 am > Review of the current presentation my client team and I are preparing as a summary of a strategic workshop we had with our current clients leadership team.

11:30 am > Time to check my emails and I see that the client has sent us some documents that we discussed about the day before – this is great news as we need to incorporate those findings into our presentation

12:00 pm > Lunch with one of my Accenture Distribution & Marketing Services (ADMS) colleagues where we take the time to discuss roles, business plans and staffing opportunities. And of course we also exchange on some of the great places to go eat and/or drink…

1:00 pm > Call with my key client to discuss the progress on the executive presentation.

2:00 pm > Some productive time to produce a couple of slides that are necessary for our presentation

3:00 pm > Coffee break – I head to my favorite coffee place called Zibetto to have a shot of Espresso Italian style with a colleague from Accenture Digital where we discuss also the latest & greatest opportunities

3.15 pm > Email & Admin time. Need to make a financial simulation for the next phase of the project and identify some potential resources to be staffed

4.00 pm > Discuss with the client account team and an ADMS colleague what the best approach is for a proactive positioning of Accenture for their Digital Transformation project. It looks like a very promising opportunity and we have some fun white-boarding

5.00 pm > Time for my bi-weekly check-in with my team where we exchange feedback (both ways) and look on how we can do even better going forward

6.00 pm > Last email check before heading home to see my little boy before he goes to bed

9.00 pm > After some family time I check-in on my laptop to look at some emails and make sure no-one is waiting for my input. 

Outside the Office

Family (my wife and our little son), Sport (literally almost any sport, running in the park is the #1 favorite and I try to get a workout in every day), Foods & Drinks (again, almost everything) and Travel…

My Advice

Follow the 3-As to be successful

Amaze yourself, no matter what – look for the bright side of things. Authentic growth, stay genuine to who you are. Do not fake it, people want to trust you and to build trust you need to stay true to yourself. And take A risk every day, which will push you to new limits. It can be small things but it will help you grow.