Ademola A.


Ademola A.


Security Consulting Sr. Analyst


United States

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area



Bayero University --BEng in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) -- MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering

"At Accenture you never stop learning. Every project that I’ve worked on has given me an opportunity to learn something new. From learning a new technology, to leadership styles, or simply how to travel smart -- the list goes on. For me, learning equals growth!"

What I Do

I provide consultative security services to help clients protect their information, critical infrastructures, applications and key business processes against cyber threats. Our goal is to help businesses develop a security strategy to avert threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies promoting growth.

Day in my Life

The first thing I like to take care of when I get to the office is to check my emails and see if I have any meetings for the day. My morning then consists of completing outstanding tasks from the previous day and following up with the team to see if there is a particular task we need to focus on. Midday, I am participating in meetings to gather information and documentation review for a risk assessment. I usually wrap up the day with the team by sending out a status update on the tasks I have completed and the ones I have outstanding.

Outside of Office

I enjoy reading, listening to audio books, playing basketball, skydiving and spending time with my wife.

My Advice
Be flexible and willing to try new things. Accenture offers a lot of growth opportunities for your career and exploring these opportunities will expose you to new things about Accenture, the client and yourself.