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Adam Chandler

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Adam Chandler


Digital Consultant


Metro DC, United States

Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


Furman University – BA Political Science
"Accenture has given me the opportunity to affect millions of lives through the work that we do. The talented people and resources Accenture provides help me deliver innovative solutions to our government clients."


I am currently a Digital Consultant for a Department of State project. As part of Accenture Federal Services, we are helping our client transform their user experience through design driven innovation. I am currently responsible for managing our functional and development teams on a web development project for a government client. We use human centered design principles to shape design concepts and turn those into tangible requirements. I then work interactively with the functional and development teams to solve the client’s problems creatively and effectively. In the past, I have worked as a business analyst on high visibility government websites and was responsible for managing software development life cycles.


As a Digital Consultant, my responsibility is to help the client shape design concepts and lead the functional team for project deliverables. On a given day, we could be helping the client through a vision board exercise, creating detailed product designs, or testing the new product. There are many opportunities to teach others and learn because of the different talents we all bring to the table.

Outside the Office

I am an avid fan of all DC sports teams, through good times and bad. I played rugby in college but still enjoy playing basketball and soccer. I am also a contributor to a DC-based burger blog, We are a group of guys on a never-ending quest to find the best burgers in DC, Maryland and Virginia.


My advice is to get out there and network. Accenture provides many opportunities to meet your coworkers and others around the company, regardless of job title. The relationships you build will help you achieve your goals.