Vikas Mittal

Managing Director, Public Service

New York

"I’m inspired to help our public service clients be successful in creating a better world for my daughter and for all children."

How I put change in motion

As a Managing Director, I lead teams to help our public service clients—government agencies, education institutions and nonprofit organizations—address their biggest problems, improve the way they deliver services and prepare for the future.

I love my role. Our public service clients provide critical services every day, providing education services and transportation to millions of people and supporting our most vulnerable populations with basic food and housing services. Even small improvements can have huge impacts. I can think of no better cause than helping those that serve the public.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, we supported a large department of education with a quick transition to remote learning, the launch of childcare sites for frontline workers and first responders and planning for school reopening. We helped them operationally and strategically address the effects of the pandemic and serve one of the largest, most diverse student bodies in the U.S. It was truly the privilege of a lifetime to lead this project for Accenture.

We brought our project management, human-centric design, knowledge of government and leading innovations and practices to help one of the largest school districts in the country to address the pandemic and still provide important education and social support services in a safe manner.

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A day in my life

I know this is cliché, but there is no typical day—which is part of what is great about working at Accenture.

We are a client-centric business, so there are multiple conversations with public service clients or partners every day. The conversations could include a steering committee meeting on a transformation project, talking with key leaders about what they are struggling with and how we can help or casual, informal check-ins with the team, sharing family and life stories.

My practice leads are very focused on letting people be themselves. We’re not trying to create clones of a “perfect consultant,” but rather, we’re focused on how we all bring our individual traits, personalities and experiences to serving our clients.

The layout and culture of our new One Manhattan West (1MW) office offers a great space for significant interactions. I love how collaboration spaces are built throughout the office, so we can have ad-hoc meetings and conversations pretty much anywhere. And the views are pretty amazing—you can’t help but feel inspired.

I am blessed with a curious, active two-year-old daughter, who is my passion outside of work. It’s wonderful to witness her discovering the world and herself. When I think about our public service clients, I’m inspired to help them be successful in creating a better world for my daughter and for all children.

“The views from the 1MW building are pretty amazing—you can’t help but feel inspired.”

My advice

If you’re interested in public service consulting, my first recommendation is to keep up with the news every day to truly understand the challenges our clients are facing.

Strong communication, analytical and design-thinking skills are vital for any consulting career. Take every opportunity to keep learning about the latest technologies and be simultaneously purpose-driven and open to new experiences. Be willing to accept roles that may be outside of your comfort zone—in my experience, those are the roles that help you grow the most.

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