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Why Accenture Flex?

Join us for the flexibility of fixed-duration project work, powered by Accenture, a leading global professional services company.


Work on challenging and complex projects with world-renowned clients across industries.


Apply your deep skills and knowledge to fixed-duration projects that align with your experience and interests.


Receive specific Accenture benefits, including medical plans, as well as access to a comprehensive array of learning assets, tools and experts.


Develop and hone your skills on projects that help you build the credentials and skills you need to advance your long-term professional goals.


Be a part of a purposeful work environment immersed in a diverse and collaborative team setting, applying the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Why You?

Because you're:

  • Talented, highly skilled with the know-how to solve complex problems

  • Intellectually curious, an innovator and a continuous learner

  • A team player with broad competencies, who thrives on exciting work with well-recognized market leading clients

  • One who prefers position-based employment and flexible options for hourly-based work, with competitive benefits


Why You? 

Meet Your Future


“What I like best about Accenture Flex is working with seasoned professionals whose main focus is to solve problems for the client.”

Tim Isenmann
Application Maintenance Senior Analyst

Meet Tim

Meet Tim

Tim joined Accenture Flex in May of 2017 as an Application Maintenance Senior Analyst. Based in Naperville, Illinois, Tim focuses on organizing and solving account incidents; communicating with end-users and technicians to zero in on problems; and creating and testing fixes to production data. With over 37 years of experience in the technology industry, Tim was looking to continue to develop his deep technology skills in a project-based environment.

“I applied to Accenture Flex because I'm a good problem solver and a good communicator, which is exactly what is needed for this role. The project requires a basic knowledge of IBM mainframe processes, SQL, Cobol, Java, and knowledge of PowerBuilder. Also, the role emphasized the ability to multi-task and speak the language of the end-user and the technician.”

While this this type of work initially attracted Tim to the role, it’s the high caliber clients and colleagues focused on a common goal that has made the most impact.

“What I like best about Accenture Flex is working with seasoned professionals whose main focus is to solve problems for the client. In my previous roles, I've focused on writing new code or changing existing code to meet user/business needs. At Accenture Flex, I'm tasked with finding workarounds and identifying defects in applications, which is right up my alley. We work together to get the job done.”


“Working with top clients and ensuring their business needs are met is my favorite part of Accenture Flex.”

Nerice Andrada
Content Moderation Team Lead

Meet Nerice

Meet Nerice

Nerice joined Accenture Flex in September 2017 and is based in the Bay area. As a Content Moderation Team lead, she manages a group of analysts to help maximize productivity and quality assurance for highly sensitive client materials. Nerice was interested in supplementing her previous content moderation leadership and management skills by working with market leading clients and a diverse group of professionals.

“I joined Accenture Flex to leverage my advanced interpersonal skills, which I use on a daily basis to keep a pulse on how my team is doing. I encourage my team to work collaboratively to deliver the best results for our client and colleagues.”

Nerice also chose Accenture Flex to enhance her management expertise and build credentials for career advancement within Accenture by working with industry-leading clients. To be successful as a team lead, flexibility and adaptability are key. Business needs, policies and operational processes change rapidly in content moderation. And as a team lead, Nerice must be able to both effectively communicate solutions with her team, as well as implement them quickly for our clients.

“Working with top clients and ensuring their business needs are met is my favorite part of Accenture Flex. Opportunities to work with an amazing portfolio of clients is a privilege and an honor.”

Nerice enjoys the flexibility of fixed-duration project work, along with the resulting societal impact of the work she and her team delivers.

“The work we do helps protect people all over the world, which I find extremely rewarding”.

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Our Accenture Flex team aligns closely with our Accenture Technology and Accenture Operations businesses, focused on innovating with new technologies and delivering impact for our clients.


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