We recently published a case study from one of our client engagements that I’m thrilled to celebrate. In that spirit, I’m approaching this blog differently. Instead of delving into a timely public sector workforce topic, I’m taking this opportunity to highlight their success instead. The story is not only inspirational, it’s also instructive for any public organization exploring cloud-based ERP.

This is Rocky Mountain ambition

The story is about the City and County of Denver (CCD), Colorado, which is fitting considering that this mile-high city knows a thing or two about clouds. Several years ago, leadership decided to adopt a mobile-ready, cloud-first strategy to eliminate the cost of on-premises servers and scale services. An important part of the vision for change was helping the workforce focus on value-adding activities that would come from deploying a cloud-based finance and workforce solution (Workday).

The power of technology and people

The deployment is a classic story of the great things that can happen when technology meets human ingenuity. This was not about plugging in a new technology solution and expecting a magic transformation. The process was very collaborative and streamlined. It was critical to look at the business processes first and ensure that they were improved as necessary as a foundational part of the transformation.

The result truly empowered the workforce. In the climate we’re all working in today, this is incredibly meaningful, don’t you think? The more that public organizations—really, all organizations—can give people the tools they need to do their jobs well and pivot to the most satisfying work possible, the better. This is especially salient given the uncertainties employers face with the return to work and turnover increases.

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The metrics show a clear and tangible impact on day-to-day work thanks to the automation of 6,600 HR processes and a 75% reduction in manual processes.

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There’s nothing cloudy about the results

What CCD accomplished is nothing short of amazing, particularly for a public entity. The metrics show a clear and tangible impact on day-to-day work thanks to the automation of 6,600 HR processes and a 75% reduction in manual processes. When the crisis hit in 2020, CCD made a seamless (and enviable) transition to remote working, which was much faster than if they still would have had their on-premises ERP system.

At a time when the majority of public organizations are in the early stages of adopting cloud-based ERP, CCD stands out. After an effort that vastly improved ways of working, is it any surprise that Forbes voted CCD one of Colorado’s top ten employers? Not to me. I encourage you to take a moment to read the full story of this pioneering technology adopter, as there are lessons in it for all of us.

Let’s continue the conversation. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn and stay tuned for upcoming blogs.

Ryan R. Gaetz

Managing Director – Consulting, Accenture Workday Education & Government​ Lead

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