With good reason, government leaders often have focused on mastering processes and managing politics. While those remain important, I believe that human services leaders need to shift priorities – and ensure that families and children are always at the center of the work.

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When Children and Families Are at the Center

Molly Tierney, Child Welfare Industry Lead, North America Public Sector

The real challenge that government is facing in improving the experience of the people they’re trying to serve is that we have, for decades, been focused on process.

We’ve been focused on how quickly a form can get filled out? Whether something is done on time? Is the process smooth?

Process isn’t the endgame

Let’s solve real problems

And while those things are really, really important, the challenge is that it’s become the endgame.

And if government is in a position to move their own horizon, what we’re going to accomplish is, we’re going to solve real problems that people are facing.

Let’s keep kids safe

Families fed

We’re going to keep children safer.

We’re going to make sure families can put food on the table.

We’re gonna make sure they can put a roof over their head.

Let’s focus on results

Getting results for kids and families is the frontier in child services in government, and the primary method of achieving that is going to be an unwavering focus on the needs of the child and family that’s in front of us.

For so long, what we’ve been focused on is the elected official getting what they needed. “Are we staying out of the newspaper? Are we helping the caseworker enough? Are we hiring enough staff?”

The endgame: Safe kids who can succeed in life

Again, those things are all really, really important, but we’re not getting to the same endgame that we will get to when we say the result we’re trying to achieve is safe children who can succeed in life.

How can we get there?

I think with the right array of analytics, collaboration, and technologies, we can reduce significantly the number of families and children who are dependent on public systems to meet their basic needs and keep their families safe.

Learn more at accenture.com/outcomes

Molly Tierney

Managing Director – Public Service, Child Welfare, North America

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