Rick Webb recently highlighted the skills critical to success as a CIO in the New in the public sector. Let me echo the challenges – and the opportunities to go from technology “educator” to outcomes enabler. Learn more at accenture.com/PublicSectorCIO.


Video Transcript

Ryan Oakes, Managing Director, North America Public Sector Lead, Accenture

So, in the public sector, the role of the CIO is probably one of the most difficult roles in any organization.

Agency-level CIOs. Enterprise-wide CIOs.

And when you think about our public sector organizations, some of the CIOs are agency-level CIOs; some of them are really enterprise wide working across the entirety of government

Some focus on the network, others on apps

Some of the CIOs tend to focus much more on the infrastructure, right? Running fiber, so Internet access can be available across their state. Or some of them are very application focused around finance systems or around Medicaid systems, those types of things.

CIO: No longer technology gatekeeper

But at the end of the day, one of the most fundamental changes that’s happening in the market is that no longer does every business leader, when they have a challenge that could be simplified or enabled by technology, they no longer have to go to the CIO from a position of lack of an understanding about what is possible.

From tech educators to outcome enablers

Because so much of the technology that’s available now is available to people who maybe are not inherently technologists. And so the role of the CIO is actually much more about enabling and communicating and working across and collaboratively with the business to drive meaningful outcomes as opposed to being an educator for what’s possible with technology. And really being the go-between from the technology sort of software companies and service companies to the business.

Stop tuning. Start transforming.

Learn more at accenture.com/PublicSectorCIO

Ryan Oakes

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Public Service

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