Fact: Public sector applicants per job have dropped 30%.

Also fact: States are way behind private sector in preparing their workforce for automation. I explain how I see these research findings are related – and why it’s time for states to think bold.

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I think as you look at what the emerging technologies are today and the opportunity that that presents the government, it is striking. And I know that there is a lot of concern about when you think about AI, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation there’s all the scary imagined scenarios of robots taking over the world, that type of thing.

You know I personally believe, and I personally think that in the government space things like AI and analytics are really going to be massive enablers to the people who are providing service out to constituents around the country.

I think of it as a force multiplier which is incredibly necessary given the combination of the silver tsunami that we’ve all been talking about for 20 years, which is the retiring workforce, the aging workforce of our public sector, combined with the fact that the new workforce that’s coming in are digital natives.

They are all – they are utterly confused by the inefficiency of the process in government, the inefficiency of the interaction model. And so the newer technologies particularly around analytics and AI and RPA really should unlock a lot of the capacity to be able to deliver different results.

…when you think about the aging workforce that exists across every level of government, every aspect of the public sector, and you think about the workers of the future, there’s an entirely different expectation and appeal to get those workers engaged and contributing to the business of conducting public sector, right.

And so the notion of a Monday to Friday job where you come in and you sit in a cube from 8 AM to 5 PM and you sit at a desktop and do your work and go to four hours of meetings is utterly and completely unappealing to the next generation of workers.

And it’s not necessary. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Ryan Oakes

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Public Service

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