Since last May, Molly Tierney and I have been sharing lessons learned and wisdom gained while developing innovative solutions like the Accenture Case Insight Solution (ACIS) and the Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS). This post explores what we learned about launching an innovation and brings our blog series to a close.

Our final lesson: Know when “good” is “good enough.”

Admittedly, this may sound like clichés you’ve heard before. “Perfect is the enemy of good” and “Done is better than perfect” probably come to mind first. Those sentiments apply when you’re completing a project similar to work you’ve done before and must resist the urge to tweak endlessly.

It’s a little different when you’re making something that’s truly new and the destination itself isn’t clear. As inventor and innovator, YOU have the power to establish the endpoint. You must decide what’s critical to advancing toward the desired outcomes and what enhancements can wait for a future update. And without a template to follow, there’s the looming question of whether you’ve overlooked something important.

The mission of child welfare ensured that we kept a sense of urgency about setting and reaching a finish line for our innovations. The mission also helped us push through any fears. After all, we knew that while dragging out a launch in a different sector might reduce profits or dull competitive edge, in our industry, a delay would mean that caseworkers were still on the front lines working without the best possible tools or training.

We aimed for excellence, not perfection, and we focused on delivering better tools TODAY. For us, “good” is “good enough” when it moves the meter for caseworkers and, ultimately, for the children and families they serve.

Through our experiences, we learned that if you want to create something that truly changes the game, you must dream big and dare to fail big. The next time you’re exploring a new idea, Molly and I hope that what we’ve shared—from how to build momentum (Two lessons on bringing Innovation to life) and the importance of clear, open communication (Lessons on innovation keep everything in the sunshine) to the need to strengthen your pivot foot (driving innovation use your pivot foot and more)—will inspire you and help you persevere.

Above all, keep your eyes on the prize as you unpack challenges and overcome obstacles. For everyone on our Child Welfare team, there’s no better “prize” than helping to improve outcomes for kids and families.

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Valerie Armbrust

Managing Director – Public Service, Technology and Cloud Lead

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