Imagine a world in which all children receive the love and support they need to grow and thrive. As the leader of Accenture’s Child Services’ team, let’s discuss why this work is so important—and how leaders can drive the transformation our children need and deserve. Learn more here.


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Being Bold for Children and Families

When I look at the human services landscape the thing that inspires me the most is the opportunity to drive outcomes, and everything that I do within the child services realm is really thinking about “What can we be doing to increase the likelihood of improved outcomes for children and families?”

So, thinking of a world where we can have families and children all have stability, love, and support.

Putting the family at the center of the work that we do really gives us an opportunity to increase outcomes for the families and children we are all working so hard to service.

There’s so much power in looking at the family as a whole and thinking about all of the services we need to wrap around that family so that they become stabilized, and that they have an opportunity for self-sufficiency. And ultimately that can drive outcomes like decreasing child welfare incidents, increasing family stabilization and self-sufficiency.

In human services to build effective partnerships and sustainable ecosystems we really need to ask ourselves the hard questions, and we need to ask ourselves “How can we do those things, not get stuck in all of the why it won’t work and why not’s?” And so, we really have to drive to that how and push for all of us to think together and work collaboratively towards making it happen versus get stuck and not making it happen.

Thinking about leadership and outcomes it’s so important at this moment in time that we have leaders who are courageous, that are willing to take risks and lead from the front, and really drive their teams to think about new ways of doing things and not be afraid to take the risk, start small, fail fast and iterate, and continue that cycle so that we continue to make progress.

Valerie Armbrust

Managing Director – Consulting, Public Service

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