In today’s world where digital technology is everywhere, enterprises need a new road map to drive success. And that's where our Accenture Technology Vision 2020 comes in. In our 20th year, our annual outlook on the top global technology trends in the next three years has become a trusted guidebook for leaders to strategically design and apply technology to create new business advantage. This year our Tech Vision theme is "We, the Post-Digital People: Can your enterprise survive the tech-clash?" In it, we share our perspective on how—in a world where digital is everywhere—enterprises need to re-imagine their business and technology models to create new value and align to people’s values.

Despite spending decades talking about the promise of technology, the reality is that businesses have more work to do to deliver on this promise. Recent Accenture research shows that just 10 percent of companies are making optimal technology investment and adoption decisions to realize the full value of their investments.

At the same time, people’s values are changing, along with their expectations. Even though people still love technology and use it more than ever, there’s a tech-clash happening—a collision between business and technology models, which are not driving adequate business value nor aligning to people’s values. 

For consumers to embrace new products and services, businesses must adapt their approach to bring a human focus and better align with people’s expectations - creating a virtuous circle of trust to develop stronger, more trusting relationships with stakeholders.

In a world where digital is everywhere, success not only means that every company is a technology company, but also that every CEO is a technology CEO.

This re-imagination of the enterprise - and of leadership - offers tremendous opportunities for those who take the lead. Will you?

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Paul Daugherty

Group Chief Executive – Technology, and CTO

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