There are many reasons I love leading Accenture Labs.

We have brilliant, dedicated technologists and researchers, whose expertise powers five R&D groups. Those groups in turn span seven global locations (including our soon-to-open location in Shenzhen, China!), and incorporate industry and domain knowledge to solve complex real-world challenges. And of course, there’s no such thing as a boring day at Accenture Labs; it’s impossible to be bored when you’re building the future with the latest in robotics, immersive reality, machine learning, and more.

I love all of these things about the Labs. But the thing I love most? Sharing our innovations with the world! That’s why I’m so excited to share our latest Accenture Labs Innovation Report.

This report showcases our best work over the last twelve months, and celebrates some of the extraordinary innovations that new technologies are now enabling for our clients and for society.

You’ve seen me share my excitement about our work here before. And you’ve seen some of our researchers share updates about their work throughout the year. Now the Innovation Report delivers a wide-reaching overview of efforts from all five of our R&D groups—as well as updates from our Innovation Workshops program; our 25 global Nano Labs; our Technology Vision; and our Tech4Good program, which garnered three awards and recognitions for social responsibility work in 2018.

Our people are using artificial intelligence to radically change what’s possible in understanding hidden entities and relationships in huge datasets—a vital step forward in areas like anti-money-laundering compliance. They’re co-innovating with a leading automotive supplier to reinvent the in-car experience, co-designing the “cockpit of the future.” They’re using emerging standards for decentralized identities and multimodal biometrics to secure and streamline blood donation, giving donors, recipients, healthcare providers, and governments confidence in this critical element of global medical care.

I hope you’ll enjoy this look back through our efforts over the past twelve months, and that it will leave you as excited as I am about what’s to come! Innovation never sleeps, and our program of research for 2019 is already underway. Over the next year we’ll be exploring cutting-edge fields like biocomputing and smart materials—two areas with huge implications for our clients. And we’ll be looking further ahead with our partners to scope out what’s coming through 2030 with our Shaping the Future program.

I also mentioned our new Lab soon to launch in Shenzhen, China: Specializing in artificial intelligence, Industry X.0 and robotics, this newest member of the Labs family will be driving innovation in collaboration with an ecosystem of local technology companies, startups, academic institutions and other organizations.

Here’s to another fantastic year of innovation in 2019!

To see the full Accenture Labs Innovation Report, click here.

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

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