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What will the impact be of making changes to my store network?

This dashboard visualises the output of an Alteryx Analytic App which allows the user to select a scenario for opening and closing multiple stores to optimise presence in a local market. A variety of predictive models are then run in Alteryx (including sales forecasting, impact models, P&L modelling) to forecast the net sales uplift and net cannibalisation of the new store network in the selected scenario.

What is the average level of sentiment? Look to track this across months, days and time of day.

The benefits delivered from this analysis include:

  • An estimate of the overall financial impact of the proposed network scenario, providing greater assurance when making network decisions
  • Understanding the impact of the proposed openings and closures on the wider store network
  • Flexibility in choosing scenarios, many different combinations of store openings and closures can be selected in the app in order to understand their potential impact.
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