Digital marketplaces are upending the traditional retail model, and consumer brand manufacturers are feeling the effects. While many manufacturers have a vision for operating on these platforms, few have a blueprint for the transformation that’s needed.

At this early stage in the retail reinvention, manufacturers are struggling with what comes next. Navigating these uncharted waters requires a partner with the talent, assets, and expertise to help them make sense of this dynamic environment and evolve rapidly for success.

New alliance combines service and expertise

As part of a larger mission to support manufacturers on this retail transformation journey, today Accenture Interactive announced a new strategic alliance with Ideoclick, provider of the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform.

Ideoclick’s integrated expertise and technology, combined with Accenture Interactive’s digital marketplace services, creates a singular agency ecosystem that equips manufacturers to achieve brand success on leading marketplace platforms.

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From left to right: Justin Leigh (Ideoclick), KC Madock (Accenture), Jeriad Zoghby (Accenture), Andrea Leigh (Ideoclick)

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The explosion of digital marketplaces: What manufacturers need to know

The rapid adoption of digital marketplaces reflects a seismic shift in how people buy and consume products. Digital marketplaces now account for half of all global online retail sales, and the e-commerce market is expected to be worth $24.3 trillion by 20251.

The result of this shift is not a retail apocalypse, but a reinvention of the retail model. Even traditional retailers are launching marketplaces. That shifts a tremendous burden to manufacturers, who are now tasked with shaping and controlling their brand experience — and optimizing sales performance — like never before.

A new model demands a new approach

Digital marketplaces are nothing new. Nearly all major manufacturers are already on at least one marketplace, whether it’s Amazon, Alibaba, or Instagram. But so far, most manufacturers have approached marketplaces as a standalone channel.

That is unsustainable in the new, fast-moving retail landscape, which instead demands a more holistic approach to content and brand experience. Manufacturers need to move toward cross-functional teams, customizable content, and data-driven automation to leverage the full range of insights and growth opportunities marketplaces offer.

Be a power player

Accenture Interactive is excited to help manufacturers transform their operations and brand experiences to generate superior performance in this new reality. Our alliance with Ideoclick is one way we are delivering on our commitment to helping manufacturers stay ahead of these changes and ultimately seize the opportunity to connect with customers in new and more effective ways.



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Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Omnichannel Commerce Global Lead

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