Enabling innovation by connecting an ecosystem of partners

The Life Sciences industry has been yearning for one comprehensive end-to-end solution that can not only work across a company but across the industry with seamless interoperability, whether you are a research scientist, a designer of clinical trials, or a clinician. Collaborating across the life sciences industry and ideating with a plethora of organizations, we’ve built a partner ecosystem that drives even more value through technology, enabling stakeholders, and ultimately benefiting patients.

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Everyone needs basic technology tools, the hidden plumbing and electrical wiring that helps people do their jobs efficiently and effectively and makes everything run smoothly

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The ecosystem model enables life science companies to seamlessly access and take advantage of the collective intelligence of independent vendors who have poured all their time, energy, and passion into developing invaluable solutions. Enabling the industry to be more capable, to push boundaries, to accelerate innovation.

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INTIENT Network On Demand Webinar

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The need in industry of the open ecosystem model adoption is pivotal; it will enable both industry and suppliers the flexibility to test and implement game changing technologies in a collaborative, accelerated, and safe environment. The days of laborious, expensive, and inefficient procurement and implementation processes when building a relationship with a new partner will be a thing of the past. Processes that once took months or more to do can be done in days, or even less when partners are aligned and primed to achieve the same goal. Focus can now be placed on getting work done and using the best and preferred tools for a job without the headache of making sure they all work together, saving pharma time and money.

A dynamic network of partners has opened the door to new possibilities and innovation. For example, in the Target ID product of INTIENT Research, we are integrating several software solutions to connect and analyze data in ways and speeds never before possible. This is partly attributed to eliminating the inherent barriers of legacy systems and processes, but largely about bringing together the best technologies and data from various partners and seamlessly connecting them. Or in INTIENT Patient, we are working with an array of partners integrating various capabilities to provide a holistic and end-to-end solution for patients. We have partners providing patient facing capabilities in the form of med devices or tools to enhancing adherence, but we also have partners providing the backend technology to secure personal data or manage workflows. With this tightly integrated ecosystem of partners, patient data acquisition is streamlined which means decisions can be made more rapidly, informed in real-time.

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Patients can receive better service and solutions faster, with an enhanced patient user experience and improved adherence

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Competition between life science companies can sometimes be a road blocker for innovation, particularly when proprietary technology is custom-built by niche players or developed in-house. However, as we’ve witnessed recently with the industry’s collaborative efforts to expedite a COVID-19 vaccine, the sharing of knowledge is game changing. We are capitalizing on this and encouraging clients to develop their own software tools or bring their existing niche partners to the ecosystem, strengthening the capabilities of the ecosystem. This adoption naturally eliminates any negative disruption to ongoing studies within a company and will scale the exposure of technology to other segments of the industry as well. Niche providers can be nimble, adding a different lens to innovation, enabling larger life science companies to challenge their existing ideas and methodologies.

The network infrastructure is here, the connections are growing across the life sciences, and by the collaboration of all within the ecosystem, there is a collective mission to help speed the discovery and launch of new treatments to patients.

Rahul Kabra

INTIENT Europe Lead – Life Sciences

Kevin Nikitczuk

INTIENT Network Lead – Life Sciences

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