In April this year, Adobe held a virtual hackathon event to explore new ideas and innovation with Adobe Experience Manager Forms. AEM Forms can create, manage, publish, and update complex digital forms while handling all the backend integration, reducing paper processes and errors while improving efficiency.

AEM Forms can create various types of forms and documents and can also extend business processes with mobile forms (such as giving remote field workers or sales teams on the road access via their mobile devices). It’s a great platform for innovating and automating forms and related processes. So perfect for a hackathon!

Accenture’s team at the event was made up of three members of our Adobe Activation Center team: Amit Bhoyar, Ashwani Kulshrestha and Raunak Bagla. They joined 26 other teams from nine Adobe partner organizations in total, for a 24-hour hackathon exploring forms modernization.

So what did our team come up with? We pitched a winning use case that combined our collective experience gained from working with a range of Adobe Forms clients. Choosing to work with adaptive forms, we showcased the conversion of forms in other formats (PDF, Microsoft Word and .aspx). This was a multistep process: in the case of Word and .aspx, for instance, we first needed to convert the forms to PDF to enable Adobe Forms to accept them.

We also showcased the problems that teams commonly face in complex form conversions, as well as a conversion analysis which demonstrated the reduced effort involved by using Adobe Forms across multiple form types.

The result? We were delighted to be awarded the “Most Innovative Use Case” at the end of the hackathon. A fantastic result for our team, and a great contribution to our innovation agenda with Adobe.

Cindy Saucedo

North America Adobe Lead

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