Accenture named the overall Leader in Marketing BPS Services

Marketing organizations, which have long seen expectations rise as budgets declined, were faced with exceptional challenges this year, brought on by the global pandemic, economic instability, and regulatory changes. The marketing ecosystem grows more complex by the day, with internal and external silos, fragmented data and technology, and a murky marketing supply chain. Still marketers are asked to do more with less – and do it transparently.

We aim to break down the traditional silos that exist between agencies, media buying, analytics providers and IT by changing the way brands think about marketing operations. By introducing clients to a new way of engaging marketing partners, we unlock the trapped value that exists within siloed organizations and bring transparency to the marketing supply chain. We quickly deliver more of what clients need – more industry and cross-industry experience, more innovation, greater access to digital and technology skills, and more interdisciplinary teams.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized by Everest Group as the overall Leader in both Vision & Capability and Market Impact in the Marketing BPS Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020. Everest Group took note not only of our robust consulting and strategy practices, but also our investment in digital solutions, industry experience and global scale. 

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Caption: Everest Group Marketing BPS Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

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Innovation for the next era of marketing

We are always looking ahead to anticipate what's next. Innovation is a way to help our clients grow now and in the future. We venture outside of traditional boundaries to capture new sources of growth while cultivating a culture that fearlessly embraces change.

As Everest Group noted, we have invested in building a wide array of analytics and digital solutions and tools, such as the AI-powered operating engine SynOps, channel incentive analyzer, campaign manager, video channel performance optimizer, voice of customer analysis, and an insights platform.

We’ve also disrupted the content creation process, working with clients to push the boundaries of creativity, producing content efficiently at scale, and accelerating speed to market. With digital twin technology, we take content to new levels through computer-generated realism in combination with visual effects. The result is a visual quality that continually expands the boundaries of technical feasibility.

The intersection of human and digital

“The complexities associated with marketing channels, capabilities and ecosystems have never been more challenging for brands to navigate,” says Jamie Posnanski, Global Lead of Run Experience for Accenture Interactive. “We are obsessed with identifying new and better ways to automate, orchestrate and simplify the connection paths between marketer and buyer to enable the experiences that fuel growth.”

For business challenges in the digital world, technology is only half the solution. We believe that the value is at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and human expertise: paring the power of Accenture digital innovation with superior industry and marketing talent. Marketing should work as a connected organism across the organization, powered by relevant skills, purposeful cultures and effective ways of working. Our team is no different. With our people at the heart of everything we do, our culture helps us grow.

Our clients access a human-machine operating model with one of the largest 24/7 global networks of marketing, industry, data, and technology specialists working seamlessly to activate some of the best experiences on the planet. We bring together people, processes and technology to create new forms of value.

Global scale with local relevance

“Accenture, in the past few years, has rapidly expanded its client portfolio,” writes Everest Group, “and is among the largest marketing BPS providers with massive scale spread globally.”

That growth is made possible through a connected Activation Network that spans 120 countries and provides localized support to clients in 30+ languages. We create strategic 24/7 options for clients across time zones, commutability, and especially language and culture.

The Activation Network help scale solutions across technologies and industries via our global Delivery Centers, provide local market relevance and high-touch interaction through our Studios, and further our artificial intelligence, analytics, customer, digital and experience capabilities through our Innovation Labs.

Accenture “has strengthened its capability in content creation, management, and delivery across multiple regions through the acquisition of numerous creative and digital marketing agencies, such as Hjaetlin (Denmark), Ho Communications (China), and Altima (France),” writes Everest, naming Accenture the leader across five major geographies.

Explore more from Accenture and Everest Group

We’re proud to be recognized by Everest Group as the overall leader in Group Marketing BPS Services, as we continue to focus on transforming marketing operations to deliver not just remarkable experiences and marketing-led growth, but also business continuity and resilience in these challenging times.

Learn more about our innovation-led approach to growth on our Business Process Services page and visit the Everest Group website to view the full report.

Fabrice Dersy

Senior Managing Director, Lead – Marketing & Sales & Customer Operations

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