Every buyer is on their own procurement transformation journey, with their own priorities. In the past, it’s been difficult to get a detailed view of the capabilities that are relevant to each of them. HfS has provided this in their latest HfS Top 10 Source-to-Pay (S2P) Service Providers report.

HfS takes a new approach to market analysis, zooming in on key dimensions – “Ability to Execute” and “Ability to Innovate” – to evaluate providers against the factors that really matter to today’s buyers. The third dimension, “Voice of the Customer”, rates buyers’ satisfaction with the providers they use.

We’re delighted that the report calls out Accenture as the leading provider for S2P. Among key strengths, it cites our unmatched S2P experience; design, strategy and execution at scale; and in-depth commitment to innovation.

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It’s fantastic recognition for the value we bring through intelligent operations, including our SynOps human+machine procurement operating engine.

“Procurement is the key to unlocking enterprise-wide value, moving from a process-driven to a data-driven function” said Saurabh Gupta, HFS Research’s chief strategy officer. “Accenture’s unmatched ability to execute and operate at scale across its comprehensive source-to-pay capabilities, helps clients improve stakeholder experiences and interactions, both digital and human, and make sure the right information is available at the right time.”

“Procurement is the key to unlocking enterprise-wide value, moving from a process-driven to a data-driven function” —Saurabh Gupta, HFS Research’s chief strategy officer. 



For buyers focused on the expansion and management of S2P operations at scale, execution support can be critical. Leading in “Ability to Execute” reflects our ability to collaborate with clients to seek big transformations, small transformations and everything in between.

Our people bring versatility and agility to  where and when the client needs us, , anywhere in the world. Our approach? You focus on your business, and we’ll fill in the gaps, bringing digital assets and insights that make every team member shine.

A clear vision for the adoption of digital technologies and the benefits these bring is also essential. Leading in “Ability to Innovate” reflects our commitment to challenge the status quo with a vision that redefines and continuously elevates the value of the S2P function. We’ve always seen procurement as strategic. Now leaders have the ability to prove it with a truly digital organization.

Like HfS, we believe a thriving ecosystem makes this vision possible. Central to the report is the conviction that as a critical ecosystem builder for the enterprise, procurement is expected to become a valued business partner that assists overall enterprise-wide strategic goals.

Accenture’s approach is making this happen. Our ecosystem includes strategic partnerships with key providers like SAP Ariba, Coupa, and BravoSolution and we work closely with them to shape their vision, drive go-to-market and deliver amazing client outcomes together. 

We also work closely with clients through our Procurement Innovation Network, co-innovating with them and pushing the boundaries on what can be sought through human + digital. And finally, the innovation architecture across Accenture provides a foundation for clients to move at speed.

So, whether we’re co-creating with ecosystem partners, or co-innovating with clients, the key thing is that – like HfS – we’re backing collaboration as the way forward.

The last of the three criteria, but not the least, in the report, “Voice of the Customer” gives us an emphatic vote of confidence that we are doing right by our clients. At the end of the day, how our clients feel about the outcomes we can deliver keeps us pushing harder – to facilitate procurement and their stakeholder’s success day after day.

That’s a quick perspective on this HfS report and what it means for our buyers. No matter what stage of the procurement journey you are at, it is worth a read. I’d love to hear your thoughts. So please get in touch below.

Kristin Ruehle

Global Procurement Business Process Services Offering Lead

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