I’m pleased to announce that Accenture is a Leader in the Everest Group Procurement Outsourcing (PO) Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020.

Peak performance

This annual report measures providers against two attributes. The first is market impact. The second is vision & capability, which assesses the ability to deliver services successfully. As you see below, we’re in the top-right quadrant, positioned at the very peak of the PEAK Matrix™ among 17 providers.

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Caption: Everest Group Procurement Outsourcing (PO) Services PEAK Matrix®Assessment 2020

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I’ve thought a lot about what this means for our clients. The underlying theme in how Everest Group describes our strengths by not just explaining what we do, but the value that we bring. We take a holistic approach to transforming the procurement organization to drive new value to the business. With so much of procurement outsourcing purely transactional, this is pretty radical. Revolutionary, even. For me, this unique approach is grounded in three strengths:

1. Collaboration: It’s truly a team sport

In the traditional outsourcing model, the provider takes over the work and is accountable for it. Anything the provider does to improve service delivery—such as efficiency improvements, automation and analytics or market intelligence—applies only to this specific scope of work. The procurement organization benefits, absolutely. But could they benefit more?

We believe the answer is yes. That’s why we’ve broken the mold. We’re providing clients with access to our tools and approaches so that the entire work of procurement is transformed, not just “our piece” of it. How many times has a service provider showed you things in the sales cycle that your team never gets to use? Too many, probably. In contrast, we confirm that clients can leverage our tools and capabilities—everything from rethinking the operating model to implementing AI solutions. This offers flexibility in how you operate procurement and work with a partner. We’re also redefining collaboration by extending our services to include more direct sourcing support. Everest Group notes that we are one of only a few providers to do this, which is a testament to the investments we’ve made.

2. Integration: This is “big picture” stuff

Whether you’re looking for a partner for indirect or direct source-to-pay services, you want one that sees the big picture of both the procurement organization and the business. We’ve always brought this perspective to our work with clients. This year, big changes at Accenture codified and reinforced it.

In January, we announced changes to our growth model that support close integration between our strategy and consulting, technology and operations capabilities. Everest Group points to these “closely integrated business units” as being key to our ability to drive procurement transformation at scale. I’m finding that more and more clients are coming to us with this expectation.

3. Innovation: There’s digital in our DNA

Our focus on innovation underpins these strengths. We invest in digital, platforms and partnerships. I see us as innovators in our own right and as innovation orchestrators on behalf of clients. We innovate so you can create a more intelligent source-to-pay function. Our SynOps human-machine operating “engine,” which brings together expertise from across industries and domains, is at the heart of this.  

Not surprisingly, we’ve prioritized investing in digital capabilities. It’s not about “one and done” investment. We have a continuous improvement mindset. We continue to invest in our RadixOne Source-to-Pay Platform. Our digital agent Alma has automated the help desk. And our Procurement Market Intelligence Advisor accelerates gathering of marketing category insights. As exciting as these innovations are, they are the tip of the iceberg. Because for us, innovation never stops.

Some parting advice

Clients often ask me how they should use this report. I tell them that having an objective view of the market like this is invaluable. However, every transformation journey is unique. They key is to identify the priorities for the organization and run everything else you learn through that lens. I’d be happy to answer any of your specific questions. Connect with me via email or LinkedIn.


Kristin Ruehle

Global Procurement Business Process Services Offering Lead

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