I’ve got a lot of movies waiting for me in my streaming queue. I often choose the films I want to watch because they’ve won awards. But it’s a funny thing about awards. Other people thought these films were great, but will I? What does this recognition mean to me?

This issue is top-of-mind because Accenture just received some exciting recognition. No, it wasn’t an Academy Award. But it was even more meaningful as far as I’m concerned. For us, and for you.

In the upper right quadrant

I’m pleased to announce that we are positioned as a Leader in Everest’s Group’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPO - Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020.

The report provides a comprehensive view of the Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) services landscape and evaluates providers against two attributes. The first is market impact, and the second is vision & capability, which is a measure of the ability to deliver services successfully. This places us in that highly-coveted upper right category of the matrix (See Figure.)

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Everest Group Supply Chain Management (SMC) BPO - Services PEAK Matrix

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Where your company benefits  

While I encourage you to read the report yourself for the detailed and expert analysis, I’d like to share the most important takeaways. Here’s what every supply chain leader wondering what makes Accenture stand out as a potential supply chain BPO services partner should know about us:

We have unmatched scale

Everest Group pointed to two strengths that speak to the scale we bring to supply chain management BPO services. First, they recognized our “strong offerings across the entire spectrum of the supply chain.” And it’s true, our offerings cover all aspects of plan, make, deliver and service.

This depth gives organizations an important kind of flexibility. Imagine a company engages an outsourcing provider in one part of the supply chain—demand planning, for example. If they get the desired performance metrics, common sense says that they may want to engage that provider in other areas as well. When the provider does it all, this is an easy option. Rather than go back to square one, leaders have a trusted resource that is already proven.

The second strength related to scale is our presence around the world. We do supply chain work across five continents. This gives clients local infrastructure wherever they operate. As Everest Group suggests, global companies prefer such localized presence. It brings value beyond a traditional cost play or labor arbitrage. Even in our global economy, there are key aspects in the supply chain that are uniquely local. Providers that master local language, transportation, culture—even time zones—offer an advantage.

We are world-class innovators

In joining Accenture in the last year, I’ve been inspired by our innovation culture. I see it every day. Everest Group recognized Accenture’s innovation in terms of our supply chain technology investments. These include solutions like our XPL Control Tower and our Accenture Warranty Analytics Solution. Both contribute to the power of digitally-driven supply chains. Everest also noted how we work with start-ups to advance new technologies, namely, blockchain for supply chain.

Being a supply chain innovator matters for obvious reasons. The reality is that in this part of the business, efficiency today goes hand-in-hand with innovation. We’ve moved beyond the cost story to focus on transforming the supply chain in terms of customer experience and as a growth driver for the business. These benefits hinge on innovation. Things like RPA, AI and machine learning.

Our innovative spirit takes the power of these technologies even further by combining them with human intellect. This human-machine collaboration is at the heart of our SynOps for Supply Chain, which I touched on in my first blog. We’ll continue to invest in this game changing capability.

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The power of recognition

I am proud that Accenture received this recognition from Everest Group. It speaks to the depth and breadth of our supply chain managed services practice—and what it can bring to our clients’ businesses. The recognition matters. However, the jury is still out on what it means for those best picture nominees. I better get to watching them.

Please connect with me directly to discuss the Everest report in more detail or to learn about our supply chain managed services philosophy and offerings.

Chris Karney

Managing Director, Global Supply Chain /Industry X Offering Lead – Accenture Operations

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