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Everest Group named Accenture as the ’overall Leader in vision and capability’ in Workday HR business process services (BPS), noting that our Workday experience has led to strategic investments in the Employee Experience Platform, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence as supplements to Workday that help us improve service delivery. And, Accenture was also named the Everest Group overall ‘Leader and Star performer’ in Workday human capital management (HCM) IT services. Everest Group highlighted Accenture’s vision and strategy, innovation, and delivery footprint as key to effective HR transformations across the build-to-operate spectrum.

We are thrilled… but it takes even more

We want to help our clients realize 100 percent of the value of their investment in Workday, and our experience tells us that deploying the technology is only part of the answer. The best technology, when paired with the same old HR organization, tends to remain inefficient, trapping much of the potential value. To dramatically improve employee experiences and, ultimately, drive growth, our most successful clients take a transformation journey with us, not just in how BPS is delivered, but also changing their operating model, their views of experience and their focus on end-to-end processes, adopting a consumer-driven delivery model.

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Accenture BPS brings the power of SynOps into the HR organization and beyond, collaborating with clients to co-create a new way to strategically support the overall business through the retained HR team. SynOps is a human-machine operating ’engine’ that enhances applied intelligence, digital technologies and talent to help organizations seek greater flexibility, agility and responsiveness. It has become central to how we transform business operations and create exceptional user experiences.

Accenture harnesses data and insights from more than 1,000 Accenture client engagements and years of cumulative experience across business functions, industries and domains. We synthesize this with data from clients’ existing systems and external data to provide benchmarks. Then, we identify high-impact opportunities for business process reinvention, helping clients generate additional value, drive growth and scale operations up and down quickly.

What’s next?

To enhance an organization’s investment in Workday, Accenture has created a Workday center of excellence (CoE) that is specifically for Talent and HR business process services, to drive innovation, share some of the best practices, further develop our build-to-operate methodology, assist in HCM transformation projects, and create new assets to drive efficiency and productivity within our clients’ organizations. Our clients have improved HR agility and efficiency while speeding transformation, delivering results such as:


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Automating mass upload validation, eliminating errors while reducing processing time by 75 percent.


Increasing self-service adoption to 90 percent for employees and 60 percent for managers.


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As clients move to Workday, the need to review policies and their impact on data becomes even more important than ever – requiring organizations to cleanse and import data in a way that facilitates the moves they need to improve employee experiences and, ultimately, drive growth. Improving the quality of data gives leaders confidence in their reports and more insight to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time. We know that good data drives improved self-service and higher levels of self-service adoption, ultimately helping to “supercharge HR.”

It’s about helping clients seek desired business outcomes

We believe the future belongs to organizations with Intelligent Operations--those who use diverse data driven by applied intelligence and human ingenuity to empower next-generation decision making and breakthrough business outcomes. CxOs need Intelligent Operations at the heart of the enterprise to deliver business impact, speed to realized value, flexibility and sustainable competitive advantage.

For example, a leading financial institution embarked on a journey with Accenture to transform its HR organization with new tools, processes and policies, as well as a managed ‘digital experience center’ to support core HR areas. Accenture has deployed SynOps for Talent and HR to help the client create an intelligent and more cost-efficient HR operation, powered by Workday.

The results? Since its move to managed HR services, the client has become one of the largest banks in the United States with employee satisfaction scores that have grown from 70 to 92 over 10 years. The workforce gets the answers they need quickly, and the high-touch service they want in the moments that matter. Applied intelligence and automated HR processes are being steadily introduced and analytics are now routinely applied to inform decision-making.

To seek results like these with your Workday HCM investment view our Talent and HR offering page, please view the full report. 

Jill K. Goldstein

Talent and HR Business Process Services Lead

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