The Business Process Services (BPS) market is facing unprecedented volatility across the world. In response to current events and market volatility— enterprises need to do much  more than just reduce costs quickly in order to survive and thrive in a recovering global economy. This is also an opportunity to pivot quickly from traditional labor arbitrage models to digital-first approaches to ensure operating models remain agile and resilient.

One of the most powerful digital solutions enabling business operations transformation and continuity in a disruptive time  is Intelligent Automation in Business Processes (IABP). A variety of IABP solutions tools — that combine the power of robotic process automation (RPA), advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence — are being deployed by solution providers to help buyers achieve better process accuracy at faster speeds, better customer experiences and more.

This year’s Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ for IABP (Intelligent Automation Business Processes) Solution Providers 2020 ranks Accenture a leader in both Vision & Capability and Market Impact in intelligent automation. The designation underscores Accenture’s ability to leverage a winning combination of digital assets, talent and technology to help clients create more value in their organizations. This approach benefits everything from procurement and finance and accounting (F&A) to human resources and supply chain, to marketing and customer engagement and beyond. The ranking explores the overall IABP capabilities of all leading players in the space.

The Everest Report’s Vision & Capability category gauges service providers’ successful solution delivery and performance in areas like vision and strategy, technology and services capabilities, innovation and investments, and engagement and commercial model. Meanwhile, the Market Impact category ranks impact created in the market across geographies in areas such as market adoption, portfolio mix and value delivered to clients.

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Everest Group Intelligent Automation in Business Processes (IABP) Solutions PEAK Matrix ® Assessment 2020

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These yearly data-driven insights help companies assess and optimize global operations in every aspect of their organization.

Everest noted that Leaders, like Accenture, have:

  • Invested heavily in building intelligent technology capabilities, expanding partner ecosystems and creating robust client training initiatives.
  • Developed key reusable accelerators and assets across business processes that speed up solution deployment.
  • Executed on superior consulting and maintenance support services, fueled by a higher number of progressive commercial models in their intelligent automation offerings. Among them are managed services, transaction, and outcomes-based pricing.

The Everest report also highlighted several Accenture strengths and competitive advantages anchored around delivering tangible outcomes for clients. And, we do this by transforming our clients’ operations through the latest in artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and data analytics.

These milestones — which feed sustained market impact and competitive outperformance —  were driven by recent acquisitions, investments and robust digital capabilities.

Everest called out the Accenture SynOps human-machine operating engine as a “key differentiator,” from the competition. This unique data-insights engine optimizes the synergy of applied intelligence, digital technologies and human talent to help organizations transform business operations, create exceptional user experiences and deliver previously unimaginable results. “SynOps Hub” is an integral element that allows Accenture to monitor the Human and Machine Workforce, Data driven Insights and drive Business Outcomes for its clients.

Additionally, Everest Group noted that Accenture demonstrates the following hallmarks of a successful IABP solutions provider:

  • Offering process-based tools such as an Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) for human resources and customer support, intelligent revenue, and cash management.
  • Using analytics apps that help provide insights all throughout the process lifecycle, helping clients make decisions on the go.
  • Maintaining partnerships with all major tech vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, along with Automation Anywhere, BluePrism and UiPath.
  • Developing a Global Productivity Hub, enabling the tracking of worker performance (human + machine) and setting a baseline for automation and continuous performance monitoring.
  • Creating an Automation Identification Diagnostic Tool (AIDT), which quickly assesses automation opportunities using a data pattern analyzer, workflow diagram generator and a desktop recorder.

The report’s findings show that Accenture provides plug-in, scalable and secure IABP services to a diverse global portfolio of clients, wherever they are in their transformation journeys. This also shows that more organizations are digitally reimagining their operations — and applying bold, new approaches to intelligent operations.  

We’re proud to be recognized by the Everest Group as a leader in IABP, as we’re dedicated to leveraging intelligent automation to help our clients achieve not only higher levels of sustainable efficiency and value across their enterprises — but also business continuity and resilience in these challenging times.

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Should you have any questions about the Everest report’s findings — or want to explore how to transform your business operations with intelligent automation, digital technologies and talent — please feel free to reach out to me via email at

Nirav Sampat

Chief Technology Officer – Operations

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